Friday, September 2, 2016

Sneaking In...

Hello old friends! I bet you had forgotten about this old blog, hadn't you? I can't blame you... it's been at least forever.

I don't have a challenge for you today, but a semi-update... we celebrated my baby boy's first birthday a couple of weeks ago... time has flown by faster than I even anticipated; and I knew it would go by quickly. He's busier than my other two combined and takes all of my energy and time... but it's getting more predictable and dare I say easier... so I'm beginning to feel ready to get back to real life and climb out of the new baby fog.

I have decided not to bring back this challenge, even though I always thought it was something I would return to... it's been nearly 2 years now, and the blog/card/challenge world has moved on. It's more work than you can imagine to run one of these challenge blogs, and three kids has proven more busy and hectic than I ever could have prepared for. I have two in school which means splitting myself between their two classrooms; activities, field trips and volunteering... and looking after the baby in between.

I do plan to try and get back to nearly weekly posts on my own blog with holiday projects, and invite you to follow me over there... and I am sure most of you are aware that Ardyth started her own Christmas challenge blog when we finished up here. If you haven't already visited, I urge you to play along!

I thank you all so much for joining us while we were active, and keeping me in your blog feed for this long. I am so grateful for all the support you've all shown me over the years, and am glad I had the chance to do this while I did!

And I would never leave you without something festive to look at, so here you go!

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