Friday, April 4, 2014

Project Link Ups...

Hello players!

I've been digging through the In Linkz website, and I can't find any reason for the way our list is running for the current challenge... so I can't change it. While there isn't a gallery showing, you CAN still link up your projects.

If you go to the bottom of the current challenge, you'll see a link that reads "An InLinkz Link-Up". Just click on that, and follow the steps from there.

I'm sorry for the confusion, and I'll try to prevent it for our next challenge, but in the meantime, don't be shy... we still want to see your projects!


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Anonymous said...

I use wordpress for my blog and this is the set up for wordpress. When you set up your next collection…there is an option box, be sure it doesn't have the wordpress option highlighted.